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In February 2021, I was living in Texas when there was a major ice storm that came through. I remember going to a local coffee shop a few months later and talking with the owner. She told me the story of how the shop was opened. She had always dreamed of opening a coffee shop and she tried three different times to open one in San Antonio. Each time she tried the door would close. 


Her family ended up moving to Spring Branch, TX and she had no intent of opening a coffee shop. A few months into living there, the doors opened wide and she was set to open her very own coffee shop in February of 2021. That is when the ice storm arrived and the whole area lost power for a week. She was unable to open, prep, or advertise for opening day. It was at that point she asked God to be her promoter. The day she opened she sold out of everything! After sharing her story, I asked her what lesson she had learned. I believe that in life everything we go through is a lesson we can learn from. She told me the lesson she learned was to give God control and to trust in His timing.


When I left the coffee shop that day and got in my car, the words "I'm in a rat race, drag race, trying to reach the finish line" popped into my mind. When I got home, I picked up my guitar and starting writing. "Passenger Side" came about from that story as well as things in my own life. I have a hard time giving up control and just letting go. I have moments where I forget what God has done in my life until I look back. Everything in life seems so fast-paced and we are all in such a hurry. These lyrics are a personal reminder to give God control and let Him drive while I hop into the passenger side. I hope this song will be a good reminder for anyone who needs it as well. 

- Brian


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